Saturday, February 22, 2014

NLS_CHARACTERSET is different from exporting NLS_CHARACTERSET

The following table gives a overview of often used NLS_CHARACTERSET combinations:

Source NLS_CHARACTERSETTarget NLS_CHARACTERSETCorruption can happen?
NLS_CHARACTERSET is the same as targetNLS_CHARACTERSET is the same as sourceNo
US7ASCIIxx8ISO8859Px / xx8MSWIN12xxNo
US7ASCIIJA16xxxx / KO16xxxx / ZHS16xxxx / ZHT16xxxxNo
xx8ISO8859Pxxx8MSWIN12xxYes, probability is very low.  NOT possible for WE8ISO8859P1 to WE8MSWIN1252
xx8MSWIN12xxxx8ISO8859PxYes, probability is very low.
xx8ISO8859Px / xx8MSWIN12xxAL32UTF8 / UTF8Yes
JA16xxxx / KO16xxxx / ZHS16xxxx / ZHT16xxxxAL32UTF8 / UTF8Yes
AL32UTF8 / UTF8xx8ISO8859Px / xx8MSWIN12xx /JA16xxxx, KO16xxxx / ZHS16xxxx / ZHT16xxxxYes
AL32UTF8UTF8Normally NO, Yes if you have "convertible" in csscan - wich is very rare.
UTF8AL32UTF8Normally NO, Yes if you have "convertible" in csscan - which is very rare.

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