Monday, February 27, 2012

CRS output readable format

When you run crs_stat -t command, you can see  at below format output

Name              Type           Target    State     Host
ora.test.db       application    ONLINE    ONLINE    server01
ora....e1.inst    application    ONLINE    ONLINE    server01
ora....e2.inst    application    ONLINE    ONLINE    server02
ora....SM1.asm    application    ONLINE    ONLINE    server01
ora....02.lsnr    application    ONLINE    ONLINE    server01
ora.server01.gsd  application    ONLINE    ONLINE    server01
ora.server01.ons  application    ONLINE    ONLINE    server01  application    ONLINE    ONLINE    server01
ora....SM2.asm    application    ONLINE    ONLINE    server02
ora....02.lsnr    application    ONLINE    ONLINE    server02
ora.server02.gsd  application    ONLINE    ONLINE    server02
ora.server02.ons  application    ONLINE    ONLINE    server02  application    ONLINE    ONLINE    server02

Here is readable format output.

Run below code  in shell script

# Sample 10g CRS resource status query script
# Description:
#    - Returns formatted version of crs_stat -t, in tabular
#      format, with the complete rsc names and filtering keywords
#   - The argument, $RSC_KEY, is optional and if passed to the script, will
#     limit the output to HA resources whose names match $RSC_KEY.
# Requirements:
#   - $ORA_CRS_HOME should be set in your environment
export ORA_CRS_HOME=/home/oracle/oracle/product/10.1/crs
AWK=/usr/bin/awk    # if not available use /usr/bin/awk
# Table header:echo ""
$AWK \
  'BEGIN {printf "%-45s %-10s %-18s\n", "HA Resource", "Target", "State";
          printf "%-45s %-10s %-18s\n", "-----------", "------", "-----";}'
# Table body:
$ORA_CRS_HOME/bin/crs_stat $QSTAT | $AWK \
 'BEGIN { FS="="; state = 0; }
  $1~/NAME/ && $2~/'$RSC_KEY'/ {appname = $2; state=1};
  state == 0 {next;}
  $1~/TARGET/ && state == 1 {apptarget = $2; state=2;}
  $1~/STATE/ && state == 2 {appstate = $2; state=3;}
  state == 3 {printf "%-45s %-10s %-18s\n", appname, apptarget, appstate; state=0;}'

Here is output

HA Resource                                                     Target          State
-----------                                                            ------            -----
ora.test.db                                                          ONLINE     ONLINE on server01
ora.neptune.test1.inst                                        ONLINE     ONLINE on server01
ora.neptune.test2.inst                                        ONLINE     ONLINE on server02
ora.server01.ASM1.asm                                   ONLINE     ONLINE on server01
ora.server01.LISTENER_server01.lsnr           ONLINE     ONLINE on server01
ora.server01.gsd                                                ONLINE     ONLINE on server01
ora.server01.ons                                                ONLINE     ONLINE on server01                                                 ONLINE     ONLINE on server01
ora.server02.ASM2.asm                                    ONLINE     ONLINE on server02
ora.server02.LISTENER_server02.lsnr           ONLINE     ONLINE on server02
ora.server02.gsd                                                 ONLINE     ONLINE on server02
ora.server02.ons                                                 ONLINE     ONLINE on server02                                                 ONLINE     ONLINE on server02

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